Congratulations to the six SERDP and ESTCP Projects of the Year, recognized for research and technology developments with significant benefits to the Department of Defense (DoD). These outstanding efforts are helping DoD achieve its mission while improving its environmental performance. Recipients of this prestigious honor follow with links provided to highlights of their award-winning projects.

SERDP Projects of the Year
Environmental Restoration

Metric Identification and Protocol Development for Characterizing DNAPL Source Zone Architecture and Associated Plume Response
Linda M. Abriola, Eric L. Miller, Kurt D. Pennell, and C. Andrew Ramsburg, Tufts University, John A. Christ, U.S. Air Force Academy | Project Highlights

Munitions Response

Analysis of Next Generation Sensor Data
Dean Keiswetter and Jonathan Miller, SAIC | Project Highlights

Resource Conservation and Climate Change

SERDP's Defense Coastal/Estuarine Research Program (DCERP)
Patricia Cunningham, RTI Internationaland the DCERP Project Team | Project Highlights

Weapons Systems and Platforms

Corrosion Protection Mechanisms of Rare-Earth Compounds Based on Cerium and Praseodymium
Bill Fahrenholtz and Matt O’Keefe, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Eric Morris, Deft, Inc. | Project Highlights

ESTCP Projects of the Year

Modified Biopolymers as an Alternative to Petroleum-Based Polymers for Soil Modification
Steven Larson, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center – Environmental Laboratory, J. Kent Newman, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center – Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory, Gregory O'Connor, U.S. Army, PM-Joint Services, Gary Nijak, Jr., ETS Partners | Project Highlights

Supersonic Particle Deposition for Repair of Magnesium Aircraft Components
Victor K. Champagne, Jr., U.S. Army Research Laboratory | Project Highlights