This year’s featured projects highlight scientific advances and technological solutions to some of DoD’s most significant environmental and installation energy challenges—

  • remediation of contaminated groundwater
  • classification of munitions in underwater and terrestrial environments
  • restoration of degraded ecosystems on DoD lands
  • understanding degradation mechanisms of DoD specialty coatings
  • treatment of wastewater from DoD facilities
  • improving energy security on DoD installations
  • management of threatened and endangered species on DoD lands
  • protecting DoD assets from the effects of corrosion
SERDP Featured Projects
Environmental Restoration 

Emerging Core Concepts for Assessment and Enhancement of Abiotic Natural Attenuation of Groundwater Contaminants
Dr. Paul Tratnyek, Oregon Health & Science University | Project Overview

Munitions Response 

Acoustic Response of Underwater Munitions Near a Water-Sediment Boundary
Dr. Steven Kargl, University of Washington | Project Overview

Resource Conservation and Resiliency 

Restoration of Soil Microbial Function Following Degradation on Department of Defense Lands: Mediating Biological Invasions in a Global Change Context
Dr. Kristina Stinson, University of Massachusetts - Amherst | Project Overview

Weapons Systems and Platforms

Standardized Test Methodologies for Specialty Coating Durability
Dr. Karen Schultz, Boeing | Project Overview

ESTCP Featured Projects
Environmental Restoration 

Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (AnMBR) for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment
Dr. Patrick Evans, CDM Smith | Project Overview

Installation Energy and Water 

Zinc Bromide Flow Battery Installation for Islanding and Backup Power
Hybrid Microgrid with High Penetration Wind for Islanding
High Value Advanced Phasor-based Control of Energy Storage Microgrids

Mr. David Altman, Raytheon | Project Overview

Munitions Response 

Efficient and Secure Cloud Computing for UXO Classification and Project Management
Dr. Dean Keiswetter, Acorn SI | Project Overview

Resource Conservation and Resiliency

 Remote Sensing Technology for Threatened and Endangered Plant Species Recovery
Dr. Erin Questad, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona | Project Overview

Weapons Systems and Platforms 

Improved Magnesium Protection for DoD Aviation and Weapon Component Technology
Mr. Kyu Cho, U.S. Army Research Laboratory | Project Overview