What We Do

SERDP and ESTCP harness the latest science and technology to develop and demonstrate innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions to meet DoD’s environmental and installation energy and water challenges.


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Focus Areas

Research initiatives currently being funded by SERDP and ESTCP. Highlights of our efforts and details on individual projects can be found within each focus area or a listing of all projects is available.

Energy & Water

Installations with resilient energy and water systems can rapidly recover from disruptions to public infrastructure and keep pace with industry advances. ESTCP serves as the DoD’s energy test bed, building familiarity with novel technologies and accelerating adoption.


To conduct its mission, the DoD manages over 28 million acres of natural and built infrastructure across a wide variety of ecosystems and geographies around the globe. The Services need to be able to train like they fight, and SERDP and ESTCP produce tools and technologies that maximize the number of training days and mission readiness.

Chemicals & Materials

Defense assets are made from and depend on the availability of commodity chemicals and materials. SERDP and ESTCP maximize weapons systems and platforms performance and capabilities while reducing the environmental and toxicological impact of defense operations.


Extreme weather and changing climate conditions pose major threats to installation and community infrastructure. SERDP and ESTCP provide the science and tools needed to understand climate risks and adapt to extreme conditions.


SERDP and ESTCP have funded hundreds of projects that have quickly and significantly advanced our understanding and management of PFAS in the environment. Our projects evaluate a range of potential treatment technologies, ecotoxicological effects, and improved AFFF site characterization.

Other Chemicals of Concern

SERDP and ESTCP, in support of the Defense Environmental Restoration Program, address the legacy of past practices while supporting current and emerging testing and training requirements by advancing the knowledge needed to prevent future environmental damage on and around military installations. 


As a result of past military training and weapons testing activities, UXO exist on sites designated for Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) on Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) and other closed ranges on active installations. SERDP and ESTCP develop and demonstrate innovative technologies that can characterize and scientifically manage sites affected by military munitions.